The NHRC Forum


Forum Sponsorship Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    How many people attend the Forum?

A:    On average, 120 attendees participate in our Forum.

Q:    How many companies are in attendance at the Forum?
A:     On average, over 70 different companies send representatives to this event each year.

Q:    Is this NHRC’s first event?
A:    This is NHRC’s 14th Annual Forum!

Q:    How many members does NHRC have?
A:    We have over 200 members…and growing!

Q:    What is the average size of your member companies?
A:    We don’t have exact employee counts for each of our member companies however our membership does range in size from over 1,000 employees to under 100 employees. Most of our members have between 50-200 employees.

Q:    What types of professionals attend your Forum?
A:    Our Forum attracts HR professionals of all levels from HR generalists to senior HR leaders.  

Q:    Where are most of your members located?
A:    Our members typically work for organizations headquartered in the Chicagoland area, more specifically in the Northwest Suburbs; however, they may have multiple worksites locally, regionally and nationwide.

Q:    Can I bring a colleague?
A:    Yes! We welcome all interested parties to attend, however only the keynote sponsorship includes a second registration. All others need to register as a paid attendee. The exhibit booth sponsorship does include the option of adding a colleague at the discounted rate of $50.

Q:    How much time is built-in for networking with the attendees?
A:    There are multiple opportunities for networking throughout the day including first thing in the morning during registration, a mid-morning break, during lunch and a mid-afternoon break. We encourage our vendor/sponsors to attend the sessions during the Forum as many of the sessions offer opportunities to engage with other attendees. Our closing reception is also a great time to casually interact with our attendees over cocktails and appetizers.       

Q:    Do sponsors get an attendee list?
A:    Exhibitors, the keynote sponsor and the legal update sponsor all receive complete list of attendees after the event. Session sponsors receive a list of the attendees for the session they sponsored only.      

Q:    Does the attendee list include email addresses?
A:    Yes. The attendee list includes names, company, address and email address.  

Q:    Do the exhibit booths have electricity?
A:    A limited number of tables are situated near electrical outlets. Electricity is available on a first-come, first served basis at no additional cost.

Q:    What size is the exhibit table?
A:    The tables that the venue provides are 5-foot tables. This is smaller than most exhibit tables. Please note that your display must fit on the 5-foot table.
Q:    What if my display won’t fit on the 5-foot table?
A:    Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate large displays. Your display must fit on the 5-foot table.
Q:    How do I know what session I’m sponsoring?
A:    Session selection is available on a first come, first served basis. You can learn more about the session topics and speakers at
Q:    I’m sponsoring a session. How long do I have to speak?    
A:    Keynote sponsors, legal update sponsors and session sponsors all have the opportunity to address our audience before each speaker begins their educational session. In order to stay on schedule, each session sponsor will have 5 minutes to share their information.  

Q:    Can I do use a power point presentation during my 5-minute commercial?
A:    As long as your presentation stays within the 5-minute timeframe, you are welcome to use a power point presentation. You are encouraged to rehearse to ensure you can present with the power point in the timeframe allowed. It is also encouraged to send your power point in advance of the Forum, so we can have it queued up and ready to go in a timely manner.

Q:    Can I hand out marketing materials?
A:    Yes! All session sponsors, including the keynote and legal update sponsors are encouraged to bring marketing and promotional materials to distribute to our attendees.

Q:    How many people usually attend each breakout session?
A:    On average, there are 40 people who attend each session. The vendor relations team will provide more accurate counts to you closer to the event.  
Q:    Does a refreshment sponsorship include registration to the Forum?
A:    This level of sponsorship does not include registration to the Forum.
Q:    Do I send my materials in advance?
A:    Harper College does accept shipment of materials in advance of the Forum. Please contact us at [email protected] for detailed mailing instructions.